Unveiling the Bride – Looking Ahead at Wedding Trends 2011 Style

This upcoming wedding season is once again about personalized signature style wedding ideas as couples want to make this special day meaningful with elements of their own personalities injected into their wedding plans.On their day, which can now be any day of the week, guests will still come to honour the couple as an alternative to the conventional ways of the past.

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Mixing vintage with modern has been carried forward from last season; this nostalgic trend has become even bigger. It’s back into the past for many brides as they mix an item from their mother’s or grandmother’s wedding memorabilia into their wedding mix. Think an antique hankie tucked into the bridal bouquet, or with a piece of lace from a veil. Some brides are using a mannequin with a family wedding gown displayed at the reception. Brides and Grooms are actively looking for a connection to past traditions.

Knowing that the trend this year is colour, brides are seeking out Pantone’s Wedding Colours, which are “the stars” in the fashion world. 2011 colours are exotic purple orchid, https://www.glowphotoboothco.com         (HOT) chocolate truffle, lagoon, lipstick red, golden glow, living coral, oyster gray, rose dust, and crisp endive. These colours will be the most used and recognized this upcoming season and, when used in a palette, will provide an invigorating and intriguing colour combination to any wedding.

For a lot of couples planning their weddings, less is more this upcoming year. Some weddings will have a lower guest count and a more intimate feeling. Head tables are being replaced by communal seating, with the bride and groom sitting with their guests in a dinner-party style. Venues such as an art gallery tented outdoor locations, beaches, farms, historical sites and other hipper locations are replacing the huge banquet halls of the past.

Reality wedding video and engagement and post-fashion wedding shoots are gaining status as a new way to capture the moment with technology. This style really reflects the personality of the couple.

Photographers continue to be more candid with photo-journalistic style shooting and are now offering IPAD albums, loaded with wedding images. The grooms are jumping for this new feature and it’s a leap right into social media, which has definitely been embraced by brides and grooms alike.

Social media pages on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other networks are showcasing all aspects of the wedding, including the couple posting online photographs from the engagement to the honeymoon. This is a great way to share all the wedding planning with friends and family all over the globe. Webcams are growing in popularity and are a grand way to include anyone who cannot make it to the ceremony and reception, still providing real time viewing and inclusion.

Statistics show that 50% of today’s couples set- up a home together years before the wedding date, which has lead to alternative bridal registry choices. They have their toaster, kettle and cake plates! Monetary donations are now part of a bridal registry and can be made toward the couple’s preferred charity, a deposit on a new home (yes), wine or book collections and outdoor patio items like fancy barbecues and outdoor furniture. Honeymoon gift cards are also a popular registry item and help offset the price of a glorious time away together from this busy world that we live in.

Today, receptions have many add-ons that were unheard of twenty years ago. Decked-out photo booths of our past are fun and add a new element to what the photographer captures. This is a chance to have a photo of every single wedding guest.

Comfy couches and intimate seating areas dotted throughout the venue provide the guests with a living-room feel that allows for conversation areas that are private, while also providing the photographer with casual and relaxed picture opportunities.

Receptions have a wide array of finger foods, commencing with a cocktail hour that feels like a red carpet gala. Guests, instead of picking at their plates will delve into delicious comfort dishes like pizza, burgers and pasta with a twist.

Family-style service- think big platters loaded with chicken, beef and pastas, help spark conversation with guests who don’t know one another and provide a festive touch. Light-hearted dishes and a comfortable atmosphere will put a relaxing spin on the evening. Also, very current are gourmet food stations with hors d’oeuvres and perhaps a brushetta bar is a big new trend. Buffet service is also in!


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