Is Your Wife Cheating?

Wow, it’s amazing when your instincts kick in and you start looking for signs to confirm your wife’s cheating ways. You do not want to confront her because you do not have any hard evidence so you turn into the mighty detective. Now you have your detective cap on lurking around trying to find anything that can provide prove to your claim.

You see receipts from her shopping on her dresser, and you might think this is crazy, but there might be some shopping evidence that your wife is cheating. Check receipts for any unusual stores that she never shopped at before. Then check out items that she purchased. Make sure that the items purchased are not items she told you she would not wear especially if you thought they were sexy. If she purchased any sexy clothing or lingerie and you do not have a special day coming there is a chance your wife might be cheating.

If you think your wife is cheating you need to become a very good listener. So when she says something that sounds out of the ordinary you need to keep a record of the date, time, and where you were when she said it. Listen for keywords like; I had this already, this is old, just want to wear this, want to feel good about myself, I want to join a gym, a friend of mine, girls night out, just my co-worker, he is just a friend. Rarely things aren’t what they seem when listening to this keywords.

Do you think your wife is tempted on the internet? Does it seem to you she is on the internet more and more? She use to be on the computer to check emails and maybe send a message. Now the computer really gets a work out. You do not want to look like a stalker, but check to see if the browser is being deleted, and if you have her password to her email you might want to check to see if any look suspicious. All you want is proof if she is cheating.

Have you noticed that when you call your wife she hardly answer her cell phone lately? It is always she was busy, did not hear it, or sat it down and was not near it. Well cell phones is another way of communication for cheaters. Check and see if she put her phone on silent instead of vibrate. She may want you to see that the phone is still on by the flashing light, but turns phone on silent so you do not here its ring tone.

While getting your facts together, please do not confront her. Once you start a confrontation you might blow your cover, and let her know that you are on to her cheating ways.                                

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