Car Accident Insurance Claims DO’s and DON’Ts

After you have been in an accident, you will want to make an accident insurance claim for the damages on your vehicle and your personal injuries. Before you get in touch with your car insurance company, it is helpful to know 13 dos and don’ts to prepare your approach to taking steps after you have been in an automobile accident.

DO’s and DON’Ts for Making Car Accident Insurance Claims

• DO take pictures of the scene of the accident. This includes damages on your vehicle, personal injuries, damaged property, accident site, etc.
• DO read over your auto insurance policy to understand what will be covered and what won’t be covered.
• DO see if you have any other insurance that you will get more coverage out of.
• DO understand the difference between the cost of your car for replacement, what you owe on your car, and gap coverage.
• DO call your car insurance agent as soon as possible after a car accident.
• DO answer any questions asked, by your insurance company, honestly but with no elaboration.
• DO write down what you and your insurance company talked about. Be specific about key components of your car accident insurance claim.
• DO call your lawyer to make sure you are receiving a fair car accident insurance claim.
• DO save all your receipts of your purchases/expenses from your car accident.

• DON’T agree to any estimates your insurance agent gives you.
• DON’T send an agreement statement to your insurance company.
• DON’T accept checks from your insurance company.
• DON’T allow yourself or your insurance company to miss deadlines.

Contacting a Lawyer in your state         

It is necessary to contact a lawyer in your area after you have been involved in a serious car accident. Since many car insurance companies will give you the minimum compensation for your accident insurance claims, your lawyer will give you valuable tips as to what to say to your car insurance company to protect your claim and increase the odds that you will be able to pursue the most out of your car accident insurance claims.

Your lawyer in will help you determine how much your car accident insurance claim is worth so you will not be blindsided by your car insurance company. He/she will also help guide you through the do’s and don’ts of your car accident insurance claim.

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